My Philosophy on Patient Care

My Philosophy on Patient Care

As my first post on the practice’s site I would like to take the time to introduce my philosophy on patient care. Life in general is trending to more and more complexity. We barely have enough time and energy in the day to complete what we have to, let alone what we wish too. The amazing technology that we have enables us to keep in constant tabs with all ours “friends” accomplishments and success. This can create a feel of insecurity and inadequacy. If only we could carve out another hour in the day imagine what we could do with it. So we look for the short cuts and tips that will lead us to the promised land of efficiency.

I feel medicine is trending in a similar manner. If we test early and often we’ll catch the disease in its earliest manifestation and be able to stop or slow its progression. Similarly if we eat this diet or take that supplement we will be able to live a healthier and more productive life. I like to practice what I call “common sense wholistic health”. I mean wholistic with a “w” as in whole – everything. Not with an “h” which implies alternative or outside conventional medicine. I feel we all understand the foundations of a healthy life, its just the hard-work, time and unfortunately luck that gets in our way.

I feel the foundations of a healthy lifestyle include the right food, exercise, mental stimulation and enrichment, proper medical care and sometimes a little luck.

I’ll  be the first to admit that my diet is far from clean but whats great about our pets is there is no willpower or prep time necessary on their part. Luck deals with the cards that we are dealt in the genes that we were given from our parents which we have no influences on. And final the factors that require us to be committed to the care of our pets, exercise, medical care and enrichment. I hope to help lead and inspire you and your pet’s endeavor for a health life.