Why Helping Paws

why helping paws

We at Helping Paws realized that trips to the Vet’s office can be stressful for you and your pet.  That’s why every choice we made is based on ensuring there is as little anxiety as possible for you and your pet.

To provide exceptional care of patients and clients with focus on wellness and proactive medicine rather than reactive medicine while acknowledging and helping to minimize the financial hardships that quality pet care can create.  Also to educate clients through their pets life as well as on the effects of lifestyle and nutritional decisions that effects our patients health and overall well-being.  “Common sense wholistic medicine.”

How we make the experience as stress free for your pet is:

We are certified a fear free facility and cat friendly practice. If you have any questions what a fear free or cat friendly practice please visit their websites.

why helping paws
why helping paws
why helping paws

Steps we take to minimize your discomfort include:

We emphasize the importance of wellness and insurance plans to help prevent expensive and unexpected financial stress.

We try to create a peaceful and tranquil environment and no matter how stressful our day we will make sure you know how happy we are to see you and to care for your pet.

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