Five sign’s your cat is happy.

Five sign’s your cat is happy.

Here’s five signs to help tell that your cat is happy.  

He’s Using his Litter Box

Where your cat does his business can tell you a lot about his health—and his happiness. If your cat has made a habit of missing the litter box, or eliminating somewhere else entirely, a medical problem or stress may be to blame.

He’s Grooming Properly

A clean cat is a happy cat. If your cat is nogrooming as much as he used to, he could be overweight, painful, or just not feeling like himself—all of which warrant a visit to the veterinarian. On the other hand, overdoing it can also indicate a medical or behavioral problem, like anxiety. If you notice compulsive grooming behaviors, such as excessive licking or biting or a thinning haircoat, talk to your veterinarian.

He Loves his Environment

We tend to think cats have it made, but on the inside they can be quite the basket cases.  Environmental enrichment, particularly for indoor cats, can increase physical activity and mental stimulation, keeping behavioral issues at bay. Ensuring he has perches, windows, sleeping areas, food, water, litter boxes, and human interaction—chances are, he’s pleased.

He’s Sending You Signals

Reading your cat’s body language can tell you volumes about how he’s feeling.  Learning to read his tail, ears and body posture can be great insight into the well being of your cat.  If the tail is straight up with a curved tip he’s happy and saying hello, while twitching tail movements can indicate frustration or irritation.  If he’s yawning and stretching, the more than likely he’s a content and happy cat.

He’s Healthy

Cats are masters of disguise, which unfortunately means signs of medical and behavioral issues can easily go unnoticed. Regular exams allow your veterinarian to pick up on subtle clues about your cat’s health that, if detected and treated early, can greatly improve his physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

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